Submission Guidelines

The Untitled P.S. will take any and all submissions emailed to provided that they adhere to the guidelines listed below:

  1. The poem must be an original and not previously published anywhere else.  We will check any and all submissions before posting them online.  If the poem has been previously posted on your own blog elsewhere, it must be removed before being submitted here.  Please recognize that this is to help avoid any problems that can be encountered with copyright infringement.  Since this is an independently organized community, we cannot afford to pay copyright fees.  We are not in any way responsible for plagiarized work that winds up on the site.  At discovery of plagiarism, the poem will immediately be taken down and the contributor will be banned from future submissions.
  2. The poem can be published with whatever name of your choosing–actual, pseudonyms, or anonymously.  Please, however, specify how you would like the poem listed in your email.  We will not assume, for example, that, because the email comes from “John Doe,” he wrote the poem unless it is specified as such.
  3. Once your poem has been posted online, it can be removed at any point at your own discretion.  Just let us know, and we will take it down.  No questions asked.
  4. At the end of our first month of entries, and every month of entries that follow, our goal is to publish a volume of all anonymous texts that have been published on this site.  Look for a notice around the respective time asking for YOUR consent to have your work published.  If you do not let us know you are okay with your work being published in the anthology, it will not be published.  Any anonymous work that is submitted to this site, will be published in the anthology provided proper consent is received.  Non-anonymous poems, that is poems with names of the poet included, will not be published at the moment.  We still welcome named submissions to be posted on the site, as one of our goals is to provide feedback for any and all writers, and do not want to limit this opportunity to anonymous poets only; however, another goal is to produce a NAMELESS anthology of poetry, hence the “Untitled” part, that creates an identity of its own through all of the voices collaborating together.
  5. Any anonymous poems published in an anthology immediately becomes property of the collaborative effort that is “The Untitled” and CANNOT be published anywhere else.  This is why we will not publish a poem without consent from the creator.  We recognize the value of a piece of work as the intellectual property of its creator and do not wish to take this value away.  Publishing in an anthology is merely an extra opportunity for those who wish to collaborate  more with “The Untitled” and acknowledge that doing so means allowing their work to become part of a bigger picture.
  6. By sending your poem to, you are acknowledging that you understand the terms of submissions above.

If you agree to and meet these terms, please feel free to submit any poem you like at any time.  Once again, you can submit your entries at  We look forward to your submissions!

Submission Process Flow Chart