Poem: Lady Luck

by Untitled P.S. Team

Howdy everyone, Ethan here.  It’s already been about a month since this site’s been up live and running, and although it’s yet to see many submissions come through (I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see some more activity soon!), it seemed necessary to still commemorate the first of hopefully many milestones.  I couldn’t sleep much last night and had some lines going through my head that I needed to write down.  So I thought I would share a poem I just started working on in the interest that it would get some much needed feedback. Here it is:

Lady luck


I was upset when I thought I lost you

cursing under my breath words

that fell out of my lips a bit too loosely

about how useless it all was

wearing a charm around my neck

that couldn’t stay around my neck

but that was the not quite right way

things always seemed to work.

My pockets jangled as I played

the role of reluctant detective

and it wasn’t quite right that

I checked the spot I last saw you last

and it wasn’t quite right that

that you never even left.