Poem: “Hallowed”

by Untitled P.S. Team

As a show of good faith, creator of “The Untitled P.S.” Ethan Guberman has volunteered one of his own poems for the site.  If you would like to submit a poem, you may read how to do so here.  Please feel free to provide comments and constructive criticisms on this site’s first poem!


When fat laughs at its absence

and its bone to pick

locks skeletons out of tea parties

in their closet,

when they stand enameled

in shadow turned in

toward their stiff condition

and make first contact

with the only self

esteemed in reflection,

when they let the dark passenger

hitchhike their synapses

to dates with demons,

ballets with wolves

in sheep skin

and carnal cotillions,

when sinew, tissue and flesh

meet their calcium castles,

and the watchtowers spot

the lighthouse squinting

through  muddy eyes,

sifting dust out of the stellar

cracks in His fallen skull,

when His odyssey found

safe harbor the seventh day,

when kingdom come

came crashing down,

when he was


and there was


He took a finite breath and

gave the hollow ones a